Vital Signs

Health Intelligence

Q&A with Jonathan Gandolf, Director of Marketing at Springbuk

Prescription Back-Door Discounts

Q&A with Steve Wojcik, VP, National Business Group on Health; Caleb Alexander, co-director, Johns Hopkins Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness.

Comcast Invests in Major Market Need

Q&A with Callum King, Co-founder and President, Brightside

Genetic Benefit

Q&A with Nick Bellanca, EVP of sales and business development for Wamberg Genomic Advisors

Health Negotiator

Q&A with Marilyn Bartlett, Special Projects Coordinator for the State of Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance

Too Costly to Ignore

Q&A with Darcy Gruttadaro, director of the Center for Workplace Mental Health, and Mandie Conforti, director of health and benefits at Willis Towers Watson

Money Well Spent

Q&A with Shane Wolverton, SVP of corporate development for Quantros

Build Pricing Transparency App-titude

Q&A with Mark Galvin, CEO of MyMedicalShopper

Medical Model

Q&A with Don Vaughn, a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior

Food Focus

Q&A with Seth Berkowitz, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Lori Tishler, Commonwealth Care Alliance

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