Dig Deep

We dig deeper. You will never see us get a retailer submission and just hit the forward button.

Love, Actually

Show your prospects compassion. Every person sitting across the table from you struggles with insecurities, so empathize and drop the false front.

Sales Improv

Like comedic goofballs, structured spontaneity is serious business. Use it to facilitate a conversation that leads to a sale.

Blabber Fests

Avoid them. Stay on track. How? Read on.

Faked Detachment

If you can’t detach yourself from the next big sale, learn how to fake it well—or pay the consequences.

Inside Conversation

Markets hardening? Maybe. Retailers misunderstanding the cost of wholesalers? Absolutely. Some things never change. Others, always.

Pick Me

As retailers pare their wholesalers, how do you remain on their speed dial?


Don’t let your prospect lead you, delay you or control the conversation.

Truth or Consequences

Ask these five questions of new prospects to learn what they really want.

Bating Game

Sales is just like dating. You want to be confident, attractive and persistent—but not desperate.

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