Are You a Bad Person?

Bad reputations start at the top. The crisis-damaged profile of financial services needs an overhaul.

Workers Comp Alternative

A new group presses for competition to traditional workers comp.

Message Control

When marketing consumer-driven health plans, you need to sweat the details.

Beware the Wannabes

Navigating the online marketplace for psychological tests is very dangerous.

Go for the Goal

Define goals so transitional steps clearly move employees toward full achievement.

Myth-typing Your Sellers

Debunk sales myths before they cause legendary damage to producers.

Sell With (Your Own) Style

The only definition of a salesperson you’ll ever need: “one who sells.”

Relationship Selling: Platform or Lifeboat?

Don’t demand steak when a burger will close the deal.

To Tell The Truth

From blameless to shameless, we all exaggerate. There is the truth and then there is the whole truth.

Old School Sales Techniques Still Work

Face-time, not Facebook, is key to unlocking sales.

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