Tweaks and Gouges

Healthcare reform won’t be repealed, but it is likely to be changed in many smaller ways. One man’s legislative tweak is another man’s gouge.


This ain’t New Hampshire—and it ain’t like living with Mama. Welcome to gridlock.

Speaker Boehner?

If the Republicans take control of the House, will they bring out the knives and slash funding for healthcare reform?


Council member firms will save millions in unnecessary compliance costs thanks to federal reform of the surplus lines rules.

Pay Role

The government’s healthcare reform will soon drive up insurance premiums, but the rhetoric keeps pinning the blame on health insurers.


In today’s hard-edged partisan congressional culture, it’s nice to see some surplus thought going into insurance legislation.

The Unknowns

We escaped some very bad reform legislation, but there is still a lot to do and figure out.


Wing nuts from both parties feed the partisan frenzy in Congress, and wishing for the old days to return is just yearning for more of the same.

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