The New Normal

Congress is underperforming to a new low. And with an election looming, don’t expect improvement.

Lovely Thought

Nobody’s buying the idea that Congress will compromise on anything, but somehow it will all work out.

Halfway House

Imagine 2013: The House succeeds in partially repealing Obamacare, and only the Republican Senate blocks its path to completely rescinding healthcare reform

Truth & Consequences

Debt ceiling legislation and the tattered economy will play havoc on healthcare reform. But could the outcome be a single-payer system?

The Big Lie

The new state health insurance exchanges will raise government costs, but federal officials refuse to acknowledge it.

Getting Wobbly

The fight to deregulate goes on and on and…

Uncivil Disorder

Will Republicans and Democrats learn to get along again?

Too Much Booz

Booz Allen overestimates those who will stay with private health coverage and snub government insurance exchanges in 2014.

Paying the Price

Call me paranoid, but will Obamacare build a two-tiered system with Cadillac private coverage for highly skilled, high-demand labor and public coverage for

Logic Be Damned

Once again the NAIC shows the states’ self-interest supersedes their ability to work together for uniform regulation.

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