A Debate Will Always Continue

Which side are you on?

Dirt Bags

We suffer with anti-rebating laws because of a few abusers selling personal lines.

A Fork in the Road

Which pothole-laden path to the white house and capitol hill is best for brokers?

Gridlock & Gridluck

Despite gridlock on Capitol Hill, there is some good news for brokers.

Chapter 1

Sooner or later the political parties are going to have to work together to constrain the unsustainable cost of healthcare.

Out of the Blue

Blue Dog Democrats—strong supporters of our cause—have almost disappeared.

To Be or Not to Be

Kill it all or don’t kill it at all? That is the question. There’s no such thing as a partial death sentence, except maybe for healthcare reform.


Tom Sawyer persuaded his friends to whitewash his fence. Barack Obama has done the same with his claims that healthcare reform will save money.

What If The Dems* took it all in the fall?


Foot Dragging

Insurance exchanges are halfway houses on the road to the hell of government-run healthcare.

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