Treasury Finally Releases Insurance Report

The Department of the Treasury’s Federal Insurance Office (FIO) has released its long-awaited “Annual Report” on the insurance industry.

Delayed Consequences

The transition to Obamacare will be a mess. The political consequences are to be determined.

FIO’s Power Play

The global insurance regime is creating a more powerful federal regulatory body.

Mirrored Images

Sequestration and the Affordable Care Act have a lot in common.

Supplying the Rope

Will health insurance exchanges be the death of us because we are mishandling them right now?

The Check Creates the Balance

Speaker Boehner may be our last check to balance the White House.

Obama 2.0—An Insider’s Perspective

What another term for the Obama Administration means to brokers.

Follow the Vote

Political contributions follow the vote, not the other way around.

Pathetic Substitute

The MLR is a perverse disincentive for plans to reduce their costs.

Polar Opposites

The House Financial Services Committee leadership will change this year. While the personalities are similar, the politics may not be.

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