Making Sense of Something

Crazed Washington will keep us both jumping in 2018.

Uncertainty Abounds, Opportunity Exists

How will Fidel Castro’s death affect Cuba? Will Trump engage?

Underneath the Rubble

A conventional-wisdom look at healthcare and taxes under the new Republican order.

ColoradoCare at ILF 2016

2016 holds some critical state-level issues in play that could have a major impact at the national level, like Colorado's Amendment 69

It’s Better Than Crack

Not much of an endorsement though—especially when Congress isn’t moving and Obama can’t move out soon enough.

The Affordable Care Act’s High Stakes: Point

The GOP created this mess. Now it has to live with the consequences and find a solution.

The Affordable Care Act’s High Stakes: Counterpoint

The Supreme Court might do what Congress could not - bring the president to the negotiating table.

Simplifying Your Life, Not So Simple

Fighting for NARAB is finally over. Easing interstate broker licensing is near.

Crashing Waves

The wave of Republicans elected in November won’t necessarily save TRIA.

100% of Nothing or 90% of Something

There is growing tension between anti-government conservatives and pro-business conservatives. Yes, there’s a difference.

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