Grow at All Costs

A Contrarian’s View of Wealth Creation

Seller Options

Know the advantages and disadvantages of looking at one potential buyer rather than many.

Private Equity’s Secret Sauce

Here’s why private equity is driving crazy valuations.

Value Added

Preparing for your future will also improve your value.

The Fireworks Are Not Over

Billions of dollars are pouring into the M&A marketplace.

What Are You Worth?

Probably not as much as you think; and that will determine your destiny.

Before Selling, Purge

The market is as hot as ever, seeking sellers. Be ready by cleaning house.

The Choice

To sell or not to sell your brokerage

No One Is For Sale, Until the Day You Are

Do you have a choice to sell? Many don’t.

What Do You Value Most?

Use that information when deciding on an acquisition or merger partner.

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