Strategic Pairings

2016-2017 Broker M&A Market

The Canary in the Coal Mine

As the M&A market continues to surge, euphoria remains. But for how long?

Give Them Their Due

When you trust the firm on the other side of the table, you can be tempted to just shake on it.

Wait and See

Sellers are scaling back on defensive actions and are hanging tight for now.

Change Gamer

Look inside to grow outside.

Know Your Role

Distinguish between a “partner” and a “leader” so you can expand ownership opportunities and increase your value.

Speak Up—and Be Honest

Transparency builds strong businesses and attracts the best buyers.

Halt the What-Ifs

When wrestling with what to do next with your agency, press pause and set aside the emotion.

Poll the Audience

Key takeaways from conversations with independent agency buyers and sellers

Don’t Discount the Touchy-Feely Side of M&A

Culture is everything. Without it, the numbers just don’t matter.

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