When Will the Madness End?

Deal count and price continued to rise in 2017.


The market is flush with record activity.

What’s Your Value: Good or Great?

Even in this robust M&A market, the highest value appears to still be reserved for peak performers.

Motivationally Speaking

Examine others’ incentives when deciding your future.

Talk Isn’t Cheap

Consistent, strategic communication delivered with purpose can make a good deal great.

How to Maximize Your Greatest Asset

Run your business as if it were for sale.

Face Value

Look beyond opinion when vetting deals.

What Can You Offer?

Buyers want to see more than revenue to find out what your agency is really worth.

Strategic Pairings

2016-2017 Broker M&A Market

The Canary in the Coal Mine

As the M&A market continues to surge, euphoria remains. But for how long?

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