You Own the Business—So Deal!

If a deal “feels right,” shop around.

Cyber Regulations Require More

Tips for complying with New York’s sweeping cyber-security regulation as you acquire.

Personal Lines Profits

Acquiring a personal lines agency that is generational and focused on a personal culture may offer a competitive edge.

PE Is for Prime Enablers

Private equity is driving brokerage M&A across the globe.

The Sandwich Generation’s M&A Pickle

Looking to perpetuate internally? Consider the unique challenges of today’s agency M&A environment.

Money to Burn

Reinvest in your firm while the economy is hot.

The Bubble Continues to Get Bigger

And a burst is nowhere in sight.

Go Big or Get Out?

Just because everyone around you is getting bigger doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get better.

Listening for Cues

Learn from what others are saying and doing.

Are You a Blockbuster or a Netflix?

Read my letter to the brokerage owner of the future and see how being proactive, strategic and focused can help keep you relevant.

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