Go Big or Get Out?

Just because everyone around you is getting bigger doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get better.

Listening for Cues

Learn from what others are saying and doing.

Are You a Blockbuster or a Netflix?

Read my letter to the brokerage owner of the future and see how being proactive, strategic and focused can help keep you relevant.

Asking for a Friend

There are some questions you may be apprehensive to ask in public, but the answers are important.

Where Do You Stand?

It is imperative you understand where you fit in the competitive landscape in the market.

Shift Your Mindset

Escape the guilt of why you sell.

Buyers Don’t Know It All

Sellers who focus on driving value can leverage their skill sets and realize more opportunity than they imagined.

M&A 2018 As Printed

See the full supplement in PDF format.

Going My Way?

New relationships, same old economy... for now.

Who’s Buying?

Following another record M&A year, we are seeing a plot twist with new private capital entering the marketplace.

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