Independence Day

Free at last? Only if you empower us to make it so.

Carrier Living Wills

So you think they are too big to fail? New rules should make you think again.

Hesitation Waltz

The NAIC’s indecisive dance on surplus lines again delays states from acting.

Working with Regulators

What you need to know to deal with your state regulators.

The Rough Writers

A year after passage, the government is just gearing up for the arduous task of writing the rules for Obamacare.

Here to Stay

Beware of your firm’s social media usage. Whatever you put on it, someone will have a copy. And litigators love that.

Market Traitor

Keep your business from touching Iran’s market or face tough U.S. and EU sanctions.

NAIC Miracles

Moving quickly to implement surplus lines reform is nothing short of a miracle for the NAIC.

The One

Surplus lines brokers will no longer fight with 52 different regulators to achieve some sanity with regulation. Now they can deal with a single state regula

Young and Old

When it comes to healthcare reform, it pays to be grandfathered and it pays to be under 26 and on your parent’s group policy.

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