Browns Fan Optimism

We are ready to tackle a wide range of moves as part of our 2014 game plan.

No Subsidies, No Employer Mandate

Upcoming court decision could mean President Obama may have to again delay the individual mandate.

The Skinny Plan Starvation Diet

Do new HRA guidelines signal the end of the skinny plan/indemnity policy wrapper programs?

Contractors Bagged

Classify your workers wrong for health benefits and you will pay.

Marital Issues

The Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision may expose employers to benefits discrimination claims.

Delayed Confusion

Notifications to employees on health insurance exchanges are due soon, but employers have choices on what to say on those forms.

Hall Monitors

We got a lot done in the halls of the Houston NAIC meeting.


Eyeing Reform Through Alice’s Looking Glass

Offshore Assets

IRS uses a big stick going after citizens hiding assets overseas.

What’s Cooking

The IRS has cooked up a lot of new rules for employers.

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