Zenefits: Disrupting. So What’s New?

It’s one in a long line of firms commoditizing products. Your expertise is not a commodity.

Hog Heaven or Makin’ Bacon?

Opponents of Obamacare subsidies may have pushed the court to rule in their opponent’s favor.

A New Anthem

Will you be singing “The Data Breach Blues”?

Cuban Trade Living on Island Time

Insurance potential is close but no cigar if congressional Cuba hawks have their way.

Down Payment

If subsidies disappear, Obamacare could turn your clients against each other.

ACA Catch-22

Obamacare regulators have made parts of the act unworkable. Only compromise will fix this mess.

Council’s Portal Eases Compliance

It makes a cumbersome process for brokers and carriers inexpensive, efficient and simple.

Good Form?

Federal rules emerge for dealing with new overseas premium payment issues.

Soap Opera Moment

Opposing ACA court rulings create a mess. A lot is happening, but is anything changing?

At the End of the Beginning

As cyber threats emerge, there is plenty to do to help your clients.

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