Healthcare Hot Spots

A snapshot of federal and state healthcare payment reform proposals.

The Apex of (Legal) Inanity?

Legislative pathways to FDA cannabis approval remain long and arduous.

Doing Well by Doing Good

A construction demolition company is making it possible to reduce waste while gaining a tax benefit.

It’s Not Easy Being Green, (It Is)

The new marijuana economy is, despite federal impediments, the fastest-growing sector of our economy overall.

Who Owns the Data?

The emerging view is that individuals do and can direct who uses it.

NAIC 2018: State Ahead

The NAIC’s newest strategic plan is all about technology and innovation.

Navigating the Channel

As the Brexit deadline looms, insurance agents and brokers face complicated choices.

The Big Data Revolution— Is It Our Turn?

The information is out there. What are you doing with it?

The (Continued) Politicization of Employment?

There are recent developments in labor relations—good and not so good—that employers need to know.

Overseas Oversight

New EU personal data protection rules may slam U.S. brokers.

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