New Ruling Class

Emerging-market consumers will overwhelm our industry in 15 years unless we are prepped, are flexible and have boots on the ground.

Skills Gap

Skilled workers soon will be scarce, while millions of unskilled will remain jobless.

Got Growth?

If you build it, they will come. Emerging-market infrastructure growth portends steady business for brokers.

Blind Sighted

There’s plenty about the future that we know, and more that we don’t. Don’t get blindsided by being unprepared for what’s in plain sight.

Minority Rule

A majority of world trade today is in services, yet trade progress talk focuses on manufacturing. It’s time we recognize the obvious.

Responsible Parenting

Brokers must help clients understand when a parent company has an insurable interest in an international affiliate.

Elusive Growth

While the rest of the world struggles, Asia and Latin America offer opportunity.

Border Crossing

New trade agreements open new possibilities for the insurance industry to cross borders with relative ease.

Border Patrol

Geopolitics frequently stops data flow at the border, making global service businesses pay a heavy price.

A Mighty Wind

The new RMS U.S. hurricane model has carriers and brokers worried about what it will mean at renewal time.

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