Single Payer in South America

A look into Brazil’s healthcare system offers insights for brokers across the globe.

Balancing Act

The offset for a corporate tax cut is targeted at taxing employer-funded benefits.

A Chevy or a Ford?

Allowing the Cadillac Tax to drive healthcare means many would be paying much more for much less.

TRIA’s Wayward Path to the Finish Line

It zigged, it zagged, it came to a complete halt, but we finally made it across.

Expanded Trade, Expanded Coverage

Norway’s effort to expand large-risk coverage opportunities in global trade agreements makes sense and is welcome news.

Gristle in the Sausage

Dodd-Frank has been sent back to the butcher to get the unintended junk out of the meat.

All Business Is Local

Doing business in Brazil? Stay calm and immerse yourself in the large native market.

Opportunity Knocking

India eyes huge foreign capital investments to fuel its expanding insurance market.

If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must…

When it comes to regulatory standards, “one size fits all” is always too tight.

Tax Evasion Deadline Looms

Council will help members comply with new reporting burden.

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