Under Water

Government thwarts private participation in flood insurance.

Blind Ambition

Recognize your own weaknesses and cope with what you don’t do best.


Do activist investors force you to trim, squeeze and shed too much? Or do they make you a better company?

A True One-Stop Shop Nation-Wide

Nationwide is a true broker partner.

The Evolution of War

Not even war appears capable of killing the cyber insurance market.

The Client Experience Renaissance

Your clients don’t need to be delighted. But they do need utility and simplicity.

Predicting What Your Employees Will Do

Imagine if brokers could sell that to clients.

Thinking of Retirement?

The retirement business is complicated, difficult and very lucrative. Opportunities abound, but is it right for your firm?

Medical Exam

Tech-enabled transparency is a major step in regaining control of healthcare costs.

A Long-Floundering Market Finally Hits the Mark

For years, poorly designed long-term care policies were also poorly marketed to men. Today’s hybrid designs target women.

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