Come out and Play

State regulators say they are all for Insurtech regulatory sandboxes to spur growth.

What Disruption?

Plenty have claimed it. One might do it. Meet Samir Shah.

Streamlining Drugs

How You Can Cut the Cost of Prescription Meds

Click. Bind. Repeat.

London portals make placing small business for U.S. brokers easy and profitable.


#MeToo means more coverage needs for your clients.

Bon Appétit!

Cyber regs are a mouthful.

Virtual House Calls

Telemed saves money and means the doctor is always in.

From Trading Floor to Keyboard

The Empire is over. Wooden ships sunk. Bringing risk to a pinstriped man in London is no longer the only option.

Think Tank

Accelerator programs offer access to innovation.

Making Sense of Something

Crazed Washington will keep us both jumping in 2018.

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