Quake Queller

A new technology called the seismic muffler brings new hope for reducing earthquake damage.

1984 or 2019?

Who’s driving the next evolution of healthcare data?

Caught Off Guard…and Online

Your cell phone and laptop could easily be hacked during your next business trip.


Health monitoring is evolving in workplace benefits.

Healthcare Hold’em

The game is changing and so are the players. Who will end up with the cards?

Cloudy…with a Chance of Optimism

Blue Dogs to bipartisanship to herbal tea—The Council’s government affairs team gives their perspectives on 2019.

Council Foundation Scholars Soar

The Council Foundation’s scholarship program is drawing in and training the next generation of stellar insurance professionals.

Untapped Talent

Find talent in unexpected places.

Pushing the Edge

For 15 years, Rick Pullen did things differently than everyone else, changing the game for a trade rag.

Beyond Borders

WFII chair Rick Jensen discusses Brexit, blockchain and emerging markets.

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