Confusion Exchange

With Obamacare decided, brokers must aid clients with health reform complexities.

Family Business

Your benefits business model must change to meet the challenge of new customers—and competitors.

Half Off

Half of your clients’ workforce will soon be job hunting.

Opportunity Knocks: It’s Complicated

Regulators who bypassed brokers in insurance exchanges quickly discovered their value to the process.

Brave New World

No matter Obamacare’s fate, the benefits brokerage landscape is forever changed.

Benefits Disconnect

A MetLife study finds employee loyalty is plummeting and benefits promote satisfaction. Did employers get the memo?

Waiting for HHS

We wait to create health plans for fear they will violate nonexistent discrimination rules. Move now and you may violate a law that does not yet exist!

Full- or Self-Service?

Which way will employers go with group benefits? Massachusetts may have the answer.

Hard to Tell

As the soft market begins to harden, a growing presence of the surplus lines sector should follow.

The 2011 Model

New catastrophe models give cover for carriers to raise rates on increased expected losses.

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