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Nov 2017

Understanding the Power of Emotions in Negotiating

Is anger an ally while you are in intense negotiations? What can you do if you grow anxious and nervous in the midst of important talks?

Elizabeth McDaid, The Council’s senior vice president of Leadership and Management Resources, looked into questions like these and surveyed some of the latest research on how emotions affect a negotiator.

She passes on tips for harnessing your feelings and maximize your deal-making prowess in her Leader’s Edge magazine column “The Human Connection: A Successful Negotiation Engages Your Emotional Intelligence.”

Here’s one key insight: “Research indicates that, if you feel or look anxious during a negotiation, suboptimal outcomes could result. [One researcher] found that people who felt anxious made ‘weaker first offers, responded more quickly to each move the counterpart made and were more likely to exit the negotiations early.’ The research suggests people who express anxiety are more likely to be taken advantage of.”

Read McDaid’s column for tips on how to keep anxiety at bay—and for other advice on recognizing and managing emotions that could reduce your leverage as a negotiator.

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