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Jan 2018

Local Colleges Can Fill Talent Needs—But…

It takes more than canned speeches and free coffee to lure students to a business sector with a reputation for being dull. Don’t-miss advice from Leader’s Edge magazine.

“The insurance industry is cool and edgy once you are in it, but as we all know, it is not cool and edgy when you are not in it,” writes Cheryl Matochik, SVP for Strategic Resources & The Council Foundation.

Matochik, in the Leader’s Edge article “Keep It Real,” explains that local colleges are loaded with potential talent for your firm but that bringing them on board means being able to give them a real-life view of what makes the industry challenging, dynamic and cutting edge. Internships and other programs that provide a look at what our industry really does and how it is changing are crucial.

Curious about what an intern might pick up while working for a firm and how the experience could translate to an enthusiastic interest for working in the industry? Read Eyad Kabbani’s story, “A New Perspective,” in the same issue of the magazine about how his experiences as an intern shattered his preconceptions about what work-life is like at a brokerage—especially on the day he found himself literally lying down on the job, on the floor of a nursing home.

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