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Oct 2017

Don’t Write Off Mindfulness

It’s easy to dismiss all the chatter and about practicing mindfulness as yet another self-help fad that will soon pass. That would be a mistake, writes Elizabeth McDaid, the Council’s senior vice president of Leadership & Management Resources.

“Leaders who are mindful are better in stressful situations because they are better able to control their emotions, she writes in the Leader’s Edge magazine article “Die Now, Live Later.”

“Remember the time you blew up in front of someone? You know what I am talking about and probably wish you had not reacted that way,” McDaid writes. “Being mindful means being aware of your impact on other people. That allows you to recognize the long-term implications of your actions and may increase the likelihood that you will hold your temper or at least think before you speak.”

McDaid outlines ways to practice mindfulness meditation and discusses the various benefits that come with growing more mindful through that practice.

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