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Dec 2017

Don’t Overlook Leaders in Your Own Shop

Familiarity may not always breed contempt, but it can dampen enthusiasm—and lead to a missed opportunity for promoting solid talent.

“We overlook the value of something because we believe we already know it,” writes Elizabeth McDaid, senior vice president of leadership and management resources at The Council. “We must learn to look at the familiar in new ways.”

“I contend you have diamonds in your backyard that you might not be seeing. So let’s talk about different ways to identify emerging leaders,” McDaid says in her column “Right Under Our Nose.” She then walks through numerous suggestions from a variety of top leadership experts for developing that skill.

This example comes from Stephen Blandino, a pastor and expert on organization building in churches and secular organizations alike: “Look for the people in your firm who have influence, the folks who have the respect of others. Be sure to look beyond big personality.”



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