The Management Series

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Why Relevancy Matters: Three Ways to be Relevant in the Midst of Disruption

Brokers today face the daunting challenge of being relevant in the midst of change. Read More

Can Data Analytics Build a Better Work Force?

Deep diving into data has drastically changed everything from marketing to politics. Read More

Executive Divorce Can Damage the Firm

Proprietary information and firm finances could become matters of public record. Read More

Establishing an e-Cigarette Policy Is Complicated

Workplace use of electronic cigarettes is increasing, but employers who want to set policies on “vaping” aren’t getting much support from regulators yet. Read More

Non-Owned Books of Business Affect Agency Valuation

When you hire producers who have their own book of business, you could compromise your firm’s value. Read More

Firm Perpetuation: What You Know About ESOPs Could Be Wrong

Control and capital advantages could make ESOPs more attractive than you might expect. Read More

Measure and Graph Your Succession Plan

Company leaders tend to promote those who are a lot like themselves, and “the effect is pervasive and damaging,” says recent research by the Gallup Company. Read More

Do Financials Tell The Whole Story?

When determining firm value, look beyond the numbers to subjective qualities. Read More

The Economic Value Added Concept (EVA)

A more accurate measure of profitability. Read More

Taming the Valuation Monster

Valuing a firm is as much art as science. Read More

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