The Management Series

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Early Signs of Employer-Friendly Labor Dept.

The DOL takes a more relaxed view of who is covered by wage and hour laws. But lack of high-level nominees could lead to erratic enforcement practices. Read More

Toss Out the Old Valuation Models

Knowing how to value a company accurately is essential for buying or selling a business, of course. Read More

Coddling or Discriminating Against Millennial Workers?

Millennials are hard to attract and hard to keep, but are employers going too far in trying to meet their needs? Read More

Where Mergers Can Fall Short: People

More than half of all mergers fail to meet the anticipated improvements in value, and a chief reason is the loss of customers. Read More

‘Name and Shame’ CEO/Employee Pay Ratios Are Coming

Unions fought long and hard for them as a key PR weapon. Read More

A GPS for Your Firm’s Sale

Some sellers and buyers think they can navigate the world of mergers and acquisitions without an advisor. Read More

Navigating the Murky M&A Waters

An M&A strategy is not enough. You need a formal policy. Read More

Making an Acquisition Maximize Shareholder Value

Setting the right purchase price is key to success. Read More

Beware the Management Team

Check the hired help before you acquire. Read More

The Art of Integration: The Urge to Merge

Nothing wrecks an acquisition faster than failure to blend firms. Read More

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