The Management Series

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Company Liable for Its Payroll Provider’s Misdeeds

Businesses hire payroll companies to save money and reduce administrative headaches. But you can’t just put them on autopilot. Read More

The High Cost of Your Megastars

All too often, the office stars are also the office headaches. Here’s help in managing high performers who are also outsized pains in the neck. Read More

Do blind interviews make sense?

Employers are always trying to perfect the hiring process, often by trying to limit the effects of human fallibility. Read More

How Liberty Mutual Keeps Its Millennials

Don’t-miss advice from Leader’s Edge: How Liberty Mutual turned a high-turnover shop into a model of retention for younger workers. Read More

Wellness Programs: Promoting Fitness or Fat Shaming?

Employers are increasingly incorporating wellness programs into their employer-provided healthcare to improve health and drive down costs. Read More

Leading Like Employee Lives Really Matter

The CEO of a large, global supplier of manufacturing technology describes how parenting transformed his approach to leadership. Read More

If You Can’t Protect It, Don’t Collect It

Cyber security is no longer a matter of antivirus software, security patches and detection of intruders. Read More

Don’t Slack on Probes of Anonymous Harassment

Not making a significant effort to ID a harasser can lead to serious legal trouble. Read More

Retention and Turnover Top Concerns of HR Chiefs

What will it take to win the talent wars? Culture, culture, culture. Read More

Smart Hiring: Get Your Firm the A team

We all know that insurance continues to face significant economic, market and political challenges. Read More

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