Terry H. Buckner

President and CEO, The Buckner Co.

Richard Canter

I had a window-washing business that became so successful the local mob asked me to stop.

Randal M. Lee

There are three things you don’t ask a ranch owner in Texas. Randal M. Lee, Managing Partner, Swantner & Gordon Insurance Agency

James Pender

My Dad said, ‘If you go to Yale, you’ll never have to explain to anybody what it was you did.’

Kevin Westrope

Most of my brokers have worked with this guy—not because we think anybody is mentally ill, but because we think we can all benefit from it.

Neil Morrison

There’s no road access. You go in and out by boat.

Michael Battle

With this family, every generation is filled with Battles.

Charlie Rosson

This month Charlie Rosson, CEO of San Francisco-based Woodruff-Sawyer & Co., takes over as chairman of The Council of Employee Benefits Executives.

Lana Wood

It’s a dry cold. That’s our big joke here. It does make a difference. You can dress for that dry cold.

Neal Abernathy

CEO, Swett & Crawford

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