Bonding with the Next Generation

Too often internships are more like indentured servitude.

Technology Trends March 2013

Paper’s Days are Numbered

Offshore Assets

IRS uses a big stick going after citizens hiding assets overseas.

IT in the Boardroom

Involve your IT manager in business strategy discussions.

Crashing the Party

As the only woman at the table, Nancy Mellard says she doesn’t speak for her gender. Want to know what women are thinking? Just ask.

Dealing with Company Fraud

Move Quickly, Bring in Help

What’s Cooking

The IRS has cooked up a lot of new rules for employers.

Women Unbound

You don’t need binders of women to improve profits, but you do need to treat the women in your workplace fairly.

Struggling to Act Like White Men

Diversity defines your clients. Why not your business?

Embracing State Insurance Exchanges

Obamacare means headaches for some and opportunities for others.

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