Playing With Matches

USI’s Mike Turpin is a skilled negotiator who is both outspoken and funny—and is not afraid to criticize his profession or break china to get things done.

Paul Kanjorski: On Constituent and Congressional Civility

Town meetings were great years ago.

Paul Kanjorski: On Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush

One of the benefits of being here for a goodly number of years is you get to live with these presidents and parties.

Paul Kanjorski: On the Genius of the Founding Fathers

Do you know there’s never been a time in world history when 15 geniuses were born in the same generation within 150 miles of each other?

Paul Kanjorski: On Obama and Congress

Cutting the Social Security Tax for Two Years

Paul Kanjorski: Shots Fired in the Capitol Building

On Puerto Rican Nationalists’ 1954 Shooting

The Day the World Stood Still

Inside the world financial meltdown and other insurance tales no one will ever believe.

The Gravity of the Situation

How Peter Eastwood kept key people in his orbit and Lexington afloat after the AIG debacle and Kevin Kelley’s departure.

Role Model

Stan Loar’s Great Adventure: The public face of Woodruff-Sawyer keeps you guessing. What will he do next?

Family Front Man

Jamie Crystal is out front for his New York-based family brokerage, growing it organically with a little help from his friends—other brokers.

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