20:25 Vision

Lloyd’s new chairman, John Nelson, focuses on brokers and sets his sights on expanding London’s market to a larger world by 2025.

Ignoring the Signs

While other brokers and agents were wringing their hands over how to deal with Obamacare...

The X Factor

He can’t acquire future generations, says Glenn Horton, so he nurtures them over time.

Pay It Forward

An anonymous benefactor helped Bill Berkley get his start.

Tape Dispenser

New York’s Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky talks deregulation...

David’s Big Shot

Pete Garvey went from working for Goliath to fighting like David at start-up Integro. He’s done so well, his start-up is approaching big-boy status.

The Accidental Broker

Hub’s Marty Hughes may have broken into the industry by accident, but his focus on creating one of the world’s largest brokerages is right on target.

Dream Weaver

IMA Financial’s Rob Cohen lives his dream while helping others to create their own.

All Roads Lead to Rose

Brenda Rose, of Toronto’s FCA Insurance Brokers, rose from liberal arts major to major advocate for better broker technology.

Playing With Matches

USI’s Mike Turpin is a skilled negotiator who is both outspoken and funny—and is not afraid to criticize his profession or break china to get things done.

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