October 2016

This Month's Issue

Behind the Necktie

A Candid Conversation

And a legacy that will live on.

The Hacked Emails

An e-Merican Exchange

In a tenacious, three-day debate, Council lobbyists Joel Wood and Joel Kopperud go head-to-head on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and America’s future.

Uncommon Law

Under British Rule

New insurance policy disclosure regulations over there add more liabilities for brokers over here.

Political Risk

A Fragile World

The convergence of forces bearing down on international markets has piqued investors’ interest in political risk.

Wholesale Change

Getting Cozy with Capital

As capital providers move closer to the risks they cover, intermediaries are getting crowded out.


Cyber Literacy

Cyber Insecurity

How directors and officers can address the very real insurance challenges posed by cyber incidents and data breaches.