October 2015

This Month's Issue

Total Devastation

The Long Walk Home

The Big One will be much worse than you can imagine. It could depopulate California and send the U.S. economy into a tailspin.

Retirement? What’s that?

Rise to the Top and Back Again

Whether it’s a dysfunctional mess or the need to grow the business, Christine LaSala has been called upon to shake it all up and make things happen.

Market Outlook

Behind the Shift in Pricing

Data analytics is causing historic changes in the marketplace.

Point of View

Through a Glass Darkly

How your clients view you isn’t necessarily how you view yourself. Which begs the question: is your customer contact working? Or do you just think it is?

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Tailor Made

XL Catlin’s London connection enables it to customize all sizes of specialty lines.

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Southern Exposure

As Latin America explores more solar energy options, Aspen rolls out its renewables welcome mat.