October 2013

This Month's Issue

The High Cost of Hate

Hotbeds of Unrest

As long-simmering conflicts boil over across the globe, the road to stability presents a daunting journey.


Going Rogue

Workers who retaliate or leak information give their employers reason to worry about massive liability and potential losses.

The Cost of Hate

The Face of Evil

Extremists among us threaten our government and individual citizens.

The New Frontier

Before the Fall

The demand for political risk insurance grows with global unrest, but you must prepare ahead.

Sponsored Feature | XL Supplement

Water Damage

Global warming affects everything from shipping lanes to fine art.

The Price of Peace

Killing in the Name of God

We couldn’t cope with the idea of blowing yourself up to go to a happier hereafter. We didn’t realize the desperation of these people.