October 2012

October 2012

Exact Science

Modeling the Future

Predictive modeling means better margins but closer carrier scrutiny of brokers.

The Pro File

What If I’m Wrong?

In mid-2010, Jay Fishman watched as interest rates on bonds and Treasuries, the core investments of insurers, went into free fall.

Rough Road Ahead

A Fork in the Road

Which pothole-laden path to the white house and capitol hill is best for brokers?

Pumping Paradox

What Lies Beneath

Over-hyped or over-estimated? Fracking’s biggest challenge is to figure out the potential risk.

Seven-Year Hitch

Fall From Grace

After spending seven years in prison and losing nearly everything, Michael Segal is free to figure out what to do next with his life.



Work Around

Help your clients cut lost productivity caused by worker injury or illness.

Global Scale

New Ruling Class

Emerging-market consumers will overwhelm our industry in 15 years unless we are prepped, are flexible and have boots on the ground.

Managing Principals


Don’t let your best producers burn out too soon. Preach time out, time off and tune in to friends and family.