October 2011

October 2011

Financial Aficionado

Blown Opportunities

Why the Ideas of the Brilliant and Talented Fail


Hank Greenberg Talks…and Ducks

About the AIG bailout, the economy and C. V. Starr, but not Eliot Spitzer.

Coming Soon

The Next Hard Market

An Exciting Tale of Rising Catastrophe Premiums (But Will Other Markets Notice?)

The Pro File

Dream Weaver

IMA Financial’s Rob Cohen lives his dream while helping others to create their own.


Under The Dome

Halfway House

Imagine 2013: The House succeeds in partially repealing Obamacare, and only the Republican Senate blocks its path to completely rescinding healthcare reform

Global Scale

A Mighty Wind

The new RMS U.S. hurricane model has carriers and brokers worried about what it will mean at renewal time.

Managing Principals

Take Five

Top dogs need to learn how to take a break before their exhaustive nature breaks them and their business.

Just Sayin'

Sales Improv

Like comedic goofballs, structured spontaneity is serious business. Use it to facilitate a conversation that leads to a sale.