October 2010

October 2010

The Road Ahead

LexisNexis and The Council knock down decades of industry roadblocks to enable easy, efficient brokerage transactions.

Financial Aficionado

The Great Divide

Company culture separates good from great.

Hidden Opportunities

Healthcare House of Cards

History shows that the centerpiece of ObamaCare has been financially unsustainable. So why would it work this time? Welcome to the politics of the death spi

The Pro-File

A Different Kind of Mogul

J. Powell Brown spent a year as a ski bum. Now he navigates a different kind of mogul—the bumps and troughs of a bad economy—while leading the Brown & Brown


Global Scale

Beyond Our Means

Just 1% of U.S. businesses are in the export game while 73% of purchasing power lies beyond our borders. Talk about market potential! (So what’s wrong?)


Twist and Shout

Electronics are breaking out of the box and will soon be showing up in flexible form in everything from bandages to e-readers.