November 2011

November 2011

Brain Wave

Head Case

You have a third brain. Learn to use it.

The Pro-File

High Level of Energy

For Bob Hixon of Houston’s Wortham, it’s all about serving big Texas clients and overseas energy companies as far away as Algeria and Australia.

Financial Aficionado

Drowning in Higher Premiums

One firm’s prescription cut health care cost increases by 75%.


Legal Ease

Known Knowns

There are known knowns in healthcare reform and known unknowns. As we approach reform deadlines, how much does the federal government really know?

Channel Check

Hard to Tell

As the soft market begins to harden, a growing presence of the surplus lines sector should follow.

Global Scale

Border Patrol

Geopolitics frequently stops data flow at the border, making global service businesses pay a heavy price.

Managing Principals

Fear Less

The thing that goes bump in the night may be your head hitting the wall that you’ve put between yourself and opportunity.