November 2010

November 2010

Claims to Fame

Crude Awakening

Winners and Losers: The Truth About the Victims of the Gulf Oil Spill

The Pro File

Small, But Not Small-Minded

Jörg Schmidt is the captain of his own ship, keeping his international brokerage small enough to run the way he likes in the beautiful Swiss countryside.

Financial Aficionado

Walking the Talk

Business headwinds make finding that competitive edge difficult. Focus on an internal collaborative effort. It could make finding your edge a breeze.


Prep Work

Federal emergency preparedness programs may reduce insurance premiums and potential liability, and give everyone greater peace of mind.

Global Scale

Horror Story

“CEIOPs S2” opens in a nation near you in 2012 and leaves U.S. carriers in their international competitors’ dust. Hmm. Political motives here? Ya think?

Channel Check

Niche Nation

The irony of wholesale brokerages is that they must specialize to attract business but spread their efforts over many tight niches to survive as a business.