May 2011

May 2011

Land of Mutual Respect

The Wild, Wild East

The Asian market is no place for business gunslingers. Contemplative Zen gardeners reap far more financial success in the Far East.

Insider’s View: Paul Kanjorski

The Day the World Stood Still

Inside the world financial meltdown and other insurance tales no one will ever believe.

Financial Aficionado

Behind the Eight Ball

Eight mistakes to avoid when transforming your business to conform to your vision of where it should be.


On The Edge

Half a Plan

By failing to bring all the states together on the surplus lines issue, the NAIC could be dropping the uniformity ball once again.

Global Scale

Global Village People

We face extreme global risks that cannot be addressed by existing institutions or governments. An international, global plan of action is required.

Channel Check

The 2011 Model

New catastrophe models give cover for carriers to raise rates on increased expected losses.