May 2010

May 2010

Healthy Outlook

Twist of Fate

The rubric of the old benefits model turns into a new group benefits opportunity.

Reform Law Basics

Basics of the New Healthcare Reform Law

Large-Group Insured Plans, Small-Group Plans and Self-Insured Plans

Big Deal

Benefits Firm M&A Will Change

Healthcare reform will likely harm smaller firms and change pricing formulas.

Healthy Outlook

2020 Vision

Looking back from the year 2020 to explain the impact of 2010 healthcare reform. Benefits brokers shift from the roles of their predecessors.


Take Notice

Jumpers and Dumpers

Many game the Massachusetts system, helping to make it the most expensive healthcare insurance in the nation.

Legal Ease

Challenging Times

Constitutional challenges to healthcare reform will fail; Congress has both the right to regulate interstate commerce and to tax those who refuse to pay.

Channel Check

Brand Aid

Marketing the MGA brand was tough without a built-in sales force—but no more.