M&A 2018

M&A 2018

The Digital Edition

M&A 2018 As Printed

2018 Executive Report On Broker M&A

Private Capital Investors

New PE Players

Private capital is more diverse, more long-term and more interested in the insurance industry than ever before.

2017 Year in Review

‘Same Old’ Economy?

M&A continues to heat up, but the long-term outlook throws some headwinds in the face of this continued pace.

Post-Sale Integration

Integration: A ‘Dirty’ Word?

The many ways buyers approach integration can make the process feel like a great unknown to sellers.

Markets Financial Outlook

Decent Fighting Form

P-C and health insurers were tested in 2017 but remain strong.

Top 10 Buyers

Behind the Curtain

The top 10 buyers offer a peek into their strategies.

2018 M&A Outlook

The March to 2022

No slowdown yet, but buyers can’t escape the long-term effects of the new tax code.