June 2016

This Month's Issue

Specialty Drugs

Protection Money

Three billion dollars in protection money buys “obscene profits” on specialty drugs for Big Pharma. Now it’s killing your clients’ businesses.

First Pot. Now This?

ColoradoCare? Colorado Can’t!

Colorado’s single-payer ballot initiative could eliminate group benefits in the state. Supporters see it as the first domino to fall.

Handicapping Healthcare Reform

Brokers Out of the Money

The Obamacare Stakes is off to a slow start. A longer course and the likely winner could leave employer-sponsored healthcare plans in the dust.

Future Shock

Savings Bond

Workers’ failure to adequately fund their retirement means brokers can teach their clients how to help their employees help themselves.



Groundhog Day

The NAIC has a history of moving with all due sluggishness. But when it comes to cyber security, picking up speed could be harmful.