June 2012

June 2012

Supreme Decision

Brave New World

No matter Obamacare’s fate, the benefits brokerage landscape is forever changed.

Opportunity Knocks: It’s Complicated

Regulators who bypassed brokers in insurance exchanges quickly discovered their value to the process.

The Pro FIle

Ignoring the Signs

While other brokers and agents were wringing their hands over how to deal with Obamacare...



Road App

Once you get your reservations and travel plans in place, keeping track of it all and letting your friends and family know where you’ll be can be tough.

Legal Ease

Time Delay

Failure to properly classify your employees as non-exempt from overtime pay could later cost you millions.


Half Off

Half of your clients’ workforce will soon be job hunting.

Global Scale

Blind Sighted

There’s plenty about the future that we know, and more that we don’t. Don’t get blindsided by being unprepared for what’s in plain sight.