June 2010

June 2010

Another Side of Healthcare

Alternative Medicine

Medical concierge service: alternative healthcare for a price.

The Pro-File

YouTube Star

Bob Klonk’s disarming brilliance, arm-twisting passion and YouTube stardom are changing your world—and lightening your wallet.

Financial Aficionado

Who’s on First

Smart hiring gets you an A-team. Who is always on first. What is on second. You’ll have to read the book to find the fate of third.


Legal Ease

Young and Old

When it comes to healthcare reform, it pays to be grandfathered and it pays to be under 26 and on your parent’s group policy.

Under the Dome


In today’s hard-edged partisan congressional culture, it’s nice to see some surplus thought going into insurance legislation.

Global Scale

Oxymorons Among Us

Remind your government decision-makers what good regulation should look like: First, do no harm. Second, find the real problem.


Keeping Tabs

The market will be flooded with tablet computers to compete with the Apple iPad. Do they have a business purpose?