July/August 2010

July/August 2010

The Hypocritical Oaf

Eliot Unzipped

As his deeds crumble around him, Eliot Spitzer attempts to rehabilitate his public image and his place on the political landscape.

Financial Aficionado

Mobile Medicine

Consumers will access care through Wal-Mart, Google and the Internet. Data will define treatments. The old brokerage business model is dying.

Location, Location, Location

Opportunity Surfaces

Updated flood maps could raise rates, but they give you a sales opportunity to grandfather your clients’ rates—if you move rapidly.


Legal Ease

The One

Surplus lines brokers will no longer fight with 52 different regulators to achieve some sanity with regulation. Now they can deal with a single state regula

Under the Dome

Pay Role

The government’s healthcare reform will soon drive up insurance premiums, but the rhetoric keeps pinning the blame on health insurers.

Global Scale

Berkshire’s Hathaway

Tarzan had Jane. Abbott had Costello. Bonnie had Clyde. Warren Buffett has Charlie Munger and his Poor Charlie’s Almanack, filled with economic wisdom.

Channel Check

Temp Pest

A temporary problem can become a permanent headache when something goes amiss with temp firm accounts.