January/February 2015

This Month's Issue

Next Generation Disruptors


Replete with capital and data, Internet giants prepare to devour the insurance industry.


Have You Got What it Takes?

Innovative leadership training will help brokers accomplish what they never thought possible.


White Bread Fiction

With top-tier talent snubbing the insurance industry for failing to articulate its story, major players have stepped in to reverse the trend.

Data Illiteracy

Rethink Beyond Your Own Reality

Perceptual Blindness: If you can’t see it, you can’t address it. Remember, you’re a data company first.


Tech Q&A

Q&A with Ben Beeson

With all the retail data breaches in the news, will new payment systems like Apple Pay be a potential game changer for security?


Tech Briefing

While credit card companies have heralded the death of cash, some people still cling to their crumpled greenbacks.