December 2011

December 2011

The Good Life

Heads You Win

St. Baldrick’s improving the odds for kids with cancer.

The Pro File

The Accidental Broker

Hub’s Marty Hughes may have broken into the industry by accident, but his focus on creating one of the world’s largest brokerages is right on target.

Financial Aficionado

Soul Man

When RSI’s David Friedman created a powerful staff culture—a company soul—his employees subconsciously enhanced their competitive advantage.


Legal Ease

Dig Deep

We dig deeper. You will never see us get a retailer submission and just hit the forward button.

Global Scale

Border Crossing

New trade agreements open new possibilities for the insurance industry to cross borders with relative ease.

Just Sayin'

Love, Actually

Show your prospects compassion. Every person sitting across the table from you struggles with insecurities, so empathize and drop the false front.